Book Review: My, Myself, and Lies

by Jennifer Rothschild

What do you say when you talk to yourself?

Have words like, “You’re not good enough," "smart enough," "strong enough," or "talented enough" creeped into your mind so many times that you've started believing them?

Our words are powerful. And the negative words we tell ourselves cause us to miss out on the freedom God so desperately wants for His children.

Me, Myself, and Lies will help you:
- Quiet the voice in your head that says, “You’re not good enough” by replacing negative self-talk with positive soul-talk.
- Overcome the fears and insecurities that distract you from God’s love and your purpose.
- Learn how to press on during times of heartache or disappointment as you focus on the One who is bigger than your circumstances.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed this book a lot. It took me a while to get into but by the end, I really enjoyed it and loved the lesson in it. I actually finished this one on time with the OBS, I don't always do that and that says something! It is so easy to tell ourselves lies or let Satan tell us lies. Instead of filling our heads with lies, if we feel those things sneak in, we should substitute them with God's word instead. Great book! Definitely recommend!

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