Paw Patrol birthday party for our 3-year-old!

I cannot believe our little boy is 3!! He has grown and changed so much and it amazes me. Sometimes I look at him and can't even believe he is mine, I love him so much!!

This little boy is all boy and wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party this year. We decided to go with My Gym as our party place because it was definitely less stress and more time to enjoy our little guy. I didn't take a ton of pictures because I was having too much fun watching him enjoy his party!

He is THREE!!

THREE!! I cannot believe my baby is three... wait, not a baby anymore a big boy as he likes to call himself. He has grown and changed so much and just a joy to be around. Everyone always comments on how sweet he is and how much he looks like his daddy! When he feels something you know it. When he is happy, he is overjoyed. When he is angry, well... he is very angry! He makes the cutest faces to show his emotions and has a little sassiness to him... must get that from me. Playing outside in the dirt is his favorite! Can't wait to see what this year holds for him.

This year, I took his pictures at my parent's farm... he wasn't really into taking pictures this year but we got some good ones!

Book Review: The Unveiled Wife

by Jennifer Smith

Great book!! Such a great and honest read, very eye-opening and convicting. Smith lays everything on the table and opens up about her marriage struggles. Although our marriage or your marriage may not be going through the same struggles, the books is applicable to all marriages. Smith provided some information that was very convicting, not just about marriage but other relationships. 

Smith's blog is also a great read and she has some great guest posts. Go check out her blog and see for yourself!

Summer fun! {part 2}

Some more of our summer fun!

at the circus

playing with Easton