Why I use essential oils

I've never been a big fan of medicines. When I needed to use them, I put it off as much as possible. (Except of course under doctor's orders.) I started seeing a doctor that practices bio-identical types of medicine and supplements, which has been a great combination with my Juice Plus+ whole food nutrition products. Recently, we also started to use BeautyCounter and Honest Co. products to rid our products of toxins.

But the other thing we really like are our Young Living Essential Oils.

It all started after meeting with our new doctor and after Seth was born. Seth had RSV at the age of 5 months and since he was so young, we couldn't give him much of a treatment. A few of my friends and a favorite blog of mine, Still Being Molly, always talked about essential oils. I figured this was the time. We borrowed some lavender and Thieves from a friend and we used them in Seth's recovery. I'm not sure if it was the oils that helped, the fact that my child is strong, or God answering our prayers, but I believe they really worked.

I then began my journey with essential oils. I mean why not, they were used in biblical times! I loved everything I had learned and heard from friends so I jumped right in with a Young Living Starter Pack, which includes some of my now favorite oils. Throughout the year or so that we have been using oils, I have learned some fun things and I wanted to share my favorite oils.

I ran out of this when before taking my pictures, so none for this one. Lavender is really a jack of all trades. Our favorite uses for this one are for diffusing while sleeping for a great night sleep or applying to a bug bite or cut for healing. I use this one in a lot of my blends too which I will be posting about soon.

One of my all time favorites! Thieves is my favorite go to when we have the sniffles. It also smells great too. It is also good for disinfecting and cleaning. Young Living has a Thieves cleaning line which works great!!

I am prone to headaches and migraines so I just dab some Peppermint along my forehead, my temples, and behind my ears. Within a few minutes I can already feel the headache/migraine getting better. The scent is an added bonus! 

This one is one of my favorites to diffuse especially around cold season along with Thieves. I use it a lot in my blends I make too for bug bites or my zit zapper recipe, it is a great disinfectant. 

This was a great help right after my knee injury earlier this summer and with all of our other injuries. It is great help for pain and you can use it like some would use Icy/Hot, smells similar too. I've been having some bad neck pain and it has been my life saver! There is another oil I haven't tried yet but have been recommended a lot by others is OrthoSport.

Here is just a start of my experience with essential oils. Soon I will be sharing my favorite blends I make myself so you can too! Click the following link if you want to start your journey with essential oils.

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