Down by the sea {Trip to Port Aransas}

We were able to take two weekend trips this summer! That was the most we have done in a loooong time. This time we drove down the coast to Port Aransas to join my best friend's family for a long weekend. They have a house down there and we have been meaning to go for the past few years and finally were able to do it. Seth had a great time at the beach and especially on the boat drive along the coast, seeing dolphins, oil rigs, and big boats! Port Aransas is such a fun small town with great local restaurants and stores. Definitely recommend trying it out!

riding the ferry to the island

loved the waves

kept running away from the waves

my best friend's daughter, Madison, and her grandma

Seth and Madison

date night to the ice cream parlor.... yum!

out on the boat

Seth's favorite thing!

my bestie!


My little family!!

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