Rewarding good behavior

Discipling a toddler is no easy feat. We have one strong-willed little boy who is also sensitive when in trouble. I read every book I was recommended by friends and got great advice. 

I realized what he needed was more positive reinforcement than punishment. So after a lot of Pinterest research and ideas for rewarding good behavior, I found a lot of great ideas. 

The first thing we did was make a "caught you being good" jar. Got the jar prepped then told our little guy that each time we caught him being good, he could put a ball (pom pom) in the jar. Once the jar was filled he could have a trip to the toy store to pick out a toy of his choice. He was a big fan of the idea! And he loves having the opportunity to put the ball in the jar.

Here is what you need:

And here is how our jar turned out:

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