Summer fun! {part 1}

We had a busy summer! Couldn't fit everything in one post (didn't want to bore y'all) but this boy had a a great summer, minus the breaking of his arm, poor guy. He fractured his wrist at the very beginning but was healed very quickly.

first boat ride

Mother's Day

this boy broke his arm :(

his cast

end of the year program

last day of day school

JJ Watt Charity Classic

at an Astros game

the three injured amigos: dislocated knee, fractured wrist, sprain ankle!

seeing Finding Dory

in Boerne with Jenny, Madison, and Max

Sea World

To be continued...

Mommy School: Tractor Painting

During the school year, our little guy goes to day school twice a week so I knew I wanted to keep him busy throughout the summer. One day our activity didn't really work out, so I improvised and since my little boy loves tractors. Of course, I looked to Pinterest and found the great idea for tractor painting

It was a big hit with my little boy.

Rewarding good behavior

Discipling a toddler is no easy feat. We have one strong-willed little boy who is also sensitive when in trouble. I read every book I was recommended by friends and got great advice. 

I realized what he needed was more positive reinforcement than punishment. So after a lot of Pinterest research and ideas for rewarding good behavior, I found a lot of great ideas. 

The first thing we did was make a "caught you being good" jar. Got the jar prepped then told our little guy that each time we caught him being good, he could put a ball (pom pom) in the jar. Once the jar was filled he could have a trip to the toy store to pick out a toy of his choice. He was a big fan of the idea! And he loves having the opportunity to put the ball in the jar.

Here is what you need:

And here is how our jar turned out: