Easton's first birthday party

My nephew turned 1!! Can't believe he is already one year old, that went by so fast. We celebrated with a family gathering at my brother and sister-in-law's house. It was fun to celebrate with everyone!!

Seth wanted to help out... sorry for the blurry pic

Organizing kid's artwork and school files

This past Fall, Seth started Day School and since then I have been having a hard time keeping up with his school work. Also, I had a binder full of information we used as references while he was a baby, but I was trying to get rid of all the binders I had in the guest room closet.

Finally, I decided I need to do something with all his art. After looking at a lot of different Pinterest posts I made a little shopping trip to Office Depot. I bought some file folder boxes and file folders from Container Store. 

Then I sorted through all of his artwork and the paperwork in the binder. I took pictures of all his artwork using an app called ArtKive. I kept the some of the artwork but throw out all the others that weren't necessary to keep. 

Then I used some files I found here to make labels. I add them to the front of the folder of the PreK through 12th grade folders. I also found a file here that I printed out for all of the grade levels to add to the front of the folder to fill out as we go.

Once the files were ready I got my label maker out... aka my best friend... and prepared the labels for the tabs. 

After all the folders were labeled and prepared, I put them in the bin and started putting the paperwork in the folders.

Now it makes it so much easier to just load the photos into the ArtKive app then file them away! Makes this momma happy!