Such a fun-filled Fall part 1

Since I am playing catch up on all the activities we did this Fall, I figured I would just do a big photo dump of all the things we did and then focus in on things like Halloween and Thanksgiving. It was one busy time of year!

Seth's school pictures

at P-6 farms and corn maze

cow train at P-6 Farms

Pumpkin Patch

To be continued...

Seth's two year photos

Right after Seth turned two, we took a trip to my parent's farm. They have a lot of tractors and construction equipment there because they are digging a pond... I figured why not use that to take his two year pictures! I mean, why not, his party was construction themed!

Can't believe how big he is getting... time slow down. See all his pictures: 18 months1 year9 months6 months3 months