A Donuts & Dump Trucks party

Our little boy turned TWO recently! Can't believe we have a two-year-old! Time really does fly by and they grow so fast. 

Seth is obsessed with all things boy, especially tractors. So why not have a construction themed party?! My parent's were nice enough to let us have his party at their house, which was great because they live on acreage. We used my dad's tractor, a toddler sized bounce house, and a swimming pool filled with sand. The kids were very entertained and they were worn out when the party was over haha! 

our little boy is TWO!

Seth is TWO!! We spent the day at the park and then setting up a bit for his birthday party. Then we had a birthday dinner with my parents.

Seth, I can't believe you are two already. Seems like just yesterday we were going to the hospital to deliver you. You are such a rambunctious, sweet hearted little boy. Your favorite word is no (not mommy's favorite) and you love all things boy like tractors, trains, and monster trucks. You love giving kisses and playing chase with daddy. Can't wait to see what this next year brings us and how much you will grow! You are learning new things everyday. 

more photo dump!

Still catching up on all the stuff we have been doing lately. Figured I would do another photo dump!

first day of day school

Right after Labor Day, Seth started his first day of Day School at a local church school. He goes two days a week for five hours each day. They have a very structured day and I love that they learn lots of bible stories, that is very important to us. He is in the class with around eight kids and two teachers. His favorite part is when the class goes to the large motor skills room or when they walk with "colors"! They have this long band with colors on it and each kid has to hold a color as they walk the halls... He came home saying "colors, colors, colors"!!

end of summer happenings

Just an end of summer catch up!

a girls trip to Magnolia Market

future chiropractor!