my decor style

When I was young, my decor style was much different. I remember decorating my first place on my own, which was my dorm room. Then I was able to decorate my next home after moving out of the dorm. Once I graduated I moved into an apartment and decorated quite modern.

But wow has my decor style changed since I bought a house and got married. But redecorating an entire house at once is not easy. Throughout the past 5 years, we have slowly changed things within our home. We bought a new couch, recliner, entertainment center, bedding, and lots of large and small decor.

It has taken me a while to decide on what kind of decor I really like and it is still hard sometimes to decide on what to bring home with me. Decor, most styles, are so cute and I like so many it is hard to not bring it all home. But I realized that I must decide and narrow it down. When I go to a decor store, I realized I can't just buy something because it is pretty (trust me, I did this a lot), I had to really think if this item went well in our home.

My inspiration for decor style is a mix of Fixer Upper, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. I love the farmhouse, industrial mix, but we really like comfort and a little bit of a Texas rustic look. If only I could have someone re-decorate my entire house for me, I would be a much happier person.

But I have changed a few things throughout the house that make me smile. It is a slow step in the right direction.

Here are some tips I have for changing your decor style on a budget:
1. Change your decor out over time.
2. Take old decor to a resale shop. It helps make back money to buy new decor.
3. When you find something you really like, think long and hard about the exact spot you are going to use it in.
4. Shop at resale shops.
5. Repurpose an item you already have.
6. Move an item to another room or space.

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