mommy school: free printables and activity ideas

Each day, I try to do a small lesson or activity with Seth. I have talked about some of our "mommy school" lessons here. But lately I have been noticing Seth loves to match things and sort. So I searched and search Pinterest for good, inexpensive ideas or printables. I found some awesome ideas that were easy and just called for some lamination.
Do any of you have a laminator? Where can I find an inexpensive, not huge one? I hate having to go to Office Depot every time I need to laminate the smallest thing!

Here are some of our favorites:
you can laminate so you can reuse
split them into a few groups and put them in zippered bags
we loved this one, picked it up so quick!

Such a big hit, even though he can't quite jump yet

Nature Scavenger Hunt
you can also laminate so you can reuse

Some more great ideas we haven't tried yet:
Shark Sensory bottle

And always a good back up... splash pads!!

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