I've got friends in low places...

If you don't the lyrics to that song... I am not sure how to respond. I was raised listening to country music, that is all we listened to. And the majority of that was Garth Brooks! I remember a road trip with my family from Texas to Colorado where we listened to a Garth Brooks tape (yes, cassette tape!) the entire way there and back. And it was awesome! 

I never was able to see Garth Brooks in concert and it has always been a dream of mine. If you haven't heard, he recently started touring again (he hasn't since the mid-90s) and he came to town! As soon as I heard he was coming, I gathered up some friends and we bought tickets. His concerts are a little different because he releases his tour dates and locations a few at a time. And when he comes, he is there for two weekends, Friday and Saturday, and two shows each night. A total of 8 shows!! We were lucky enough to get tickets for Fourth of July!!

This show, by far, was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!! And I am lucky to have shared it with such great friends!!

Hopefully soon I will get around to add a video of one of the songs...

Until then, here are some more Summer happenings with the Croftons!

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