master bedroom decor update

Paul and I have been married almost four years. We have also had the same bedding since that time because we got it from wedding showers. I was ready for a change, our cat had almost ripped the duvet cover to shreds and we were tired of the duvet falling inside the cover. I have also been working on changing the decor throughout our entire house, very Fixer Upper inspired. So after getting a new nightstand, I thought bedding should come next.

Although it took me a while (and lots of returns) I finally landed on a bedding that I loved. It went great with our existing curtains and works well with my new nightstand as well.

Nightstand (similar) | Bedding | Sign above bed

Since we are working on changing our decor, a new nightstand for my husband is next on the list. I did declutter our bookshelf and changed out a few decorations to make it in line with the new decor. It is always a work in progress.

I'll be posting more on the change in decor throughout the house and my inspiration.

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