book review: Good Call

Good Call
by Jase Robertson

You may think you know all there is to know about the beloved Robertson family... but just wait. This new book by the "good call" duckman, Jase, is laugh-out-loud funny (really), thoughtful, and raw in its honesty. You'll find stories about... Phil in his pre-Christian days, roughhousing with his brothers, Jase's youthful musings about the similarities between women and fish, the innocence of his honeymoon night, and his hard-won lessons on living with a yuppie woman.
You'll also find hilarious stories about "facial profiling," as well as amazing stories of the hunt that even non-hunters will enjoy.
And all of this is wrapped in introspective, insightful musings on life, faith, and family. The personal reflections and stories in this exceptional book will inspire you to make your own good calls.

Such a great, easy read. My husband and I both read this one and we both said that we liked this one the best out of all the Robertson books we had read so far. Jase's storytelling blended with his testimonies well. I loved reading about how devoted he is to his faith and to sharing his faith. 
He wrote the book really well and the testimonies through the chapters were great to read. He told lots of stories about how he shared his faith throughout his life as well as his relationship with wife and family. Great book!

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