weekend traveling

In April, my friend, Emily, and I took a road trip to visit our other friends. I love our road trips, we take at least two to three trips a year to keep in touch. We all went to Baylor together and it is fun to relive those fun four years. 

Once we got into town, we met the other two girls for dinner then hung out at their house. The next we got up and went shopping in a local small town. I love some fun antique shopping with my girls.

That night we went out to dinner with a whole bunch of Jac's friends to surprise her for her birthday. She was really surprised and the dinner was a ton of fun!!

A few weekends after that, our little family took a road trip to visit my best friend and her family. We had a jam packed weekend planned and I was really excited. The first night we went our to dinner, Seth was being a crazy toddler but we got through it.

The next day Paul helped Dave, my best friend's husband, with moving his office and Jenny and I took the kids on a walk then to a park with a train. Seth was in heaven on that train!

Later in the day, after the kids napped, we went to a local children's museum. They had a blast! We had dinner and the boys went out to watch the boxing match. Jenny and I were able to have girl time and just chat!

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