Book and Movie Review: American Sniper

American Sniper
by Chris Kyle

So I did this backwards, I saw the movie then read the book. Both still just as good! I would definitely recommend both.

Such an emotional, touching movie. We went the second weekend after it opened and we barely got a seat. There were so many people there and our theater had three theaters with it showing. We sat in the second row.
Throughout the entire movie, I was in awe of what all they were going through over there. The storyline was well thought out and they did a great job with the movie. Bradley Cooper did an outstanding job as Chris Kyle. I loved the military mixed with the family stuff back home, it is something that most people don't see or even realize. I also love the way the portrayed the PTSD a lot of service men and women go through.
At the end of the movie, the entire, completely packed, theatre was silent and there were a few respectful claps as we walked out. If that doesn't tell you how powerful the movie was then I don't know what does.

The book was more of a background to Chris Kyle and his life. Not really about a lot of specific missions but more about what it meant to be in the military, specifically the SEALs. I loved the way Kyle wrote the book and told his story, such a specific voice. He is a character for sure, great sense of humor and a great sense on life. 
After reading the book and knowing about how he died, it breaks my heart. He is a great example of a dedicated solider and American.

Did anyone else read or watch the movie?

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