18 months

Cannot believe that my son is a year and a half year old (as of March 25th)... wow does time fly! He has been such a funny, smart boy lately and I can't believe how much he has changed and learned over the past few months.

Since his first birthday he has started walking, even running. He loves being outside, playing with cars and trucks, "reading" books, trains, and going on walks.

His language was slow to take off but recently he is starting to copy what we say and try very hard at words. Sometimes he will say a word that he will say for a little while then he won't say it again. So far he has said baby, please, juice, hot, dog, cracker, mama, dada, tractor, and cat.

We have been working on colors, small motor skills, using utensils, body parts, and puzzles. I posted more about our daily lessons here.

Everyday with this boy is an adventure and I love sharing my days with him.

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