18 months

Cannot believe that my son is a year and a half year old (as of March 25th)... wow does time fly! He has been such a funny, smart boy lately and I can't believe how much he has changed and learned over the past few months.

Since his first birthday he has started walking, even running. He loves being outside, playing with cars and trucks, "reading" books, trains, and going on walks.

His language was slow to take off but recently he is starting to copy what we say and try very hard at words. Sometimes he will say a word that he will say for a little while then he won't say it again. So far he has said baby, please, juice, hot, dog, cracker, mama, dada, tractor, and cat.

We have been working on colors, small motor skills, using utensils, body parts, and puzzles. I posted more about our daily lessons here.

Everyday with this boy is an adventure and I love sharing my days with him.

Book and Movie Review: American Sniper

American Sniper
by Chris Kyle

So I did this backwards, I saw the movie then read the book. Both still just as good! I would definitely recommend both.

Such an emotional, touching movie. We went the second weekend after it opened and we barely got a seat. There were so many people there and our theater had three theaters with it showing. We sat in the second row.
Throughout the entire movie, I was in awe of what all they were going through over there. The storyline was well thought out and they did a great job with the movie. Bradley Cooper did an outstanding job as Chris Kyle. I loved the military mixed with the family stuff back home, it is something that most people don't see or even realize. I also love the way the portrayed the PTSD a lot of service men and women go through.
At the end of the movie, the entire, completely packed, theatre was silent and there were a few respectful claps as we walked out. If that doesn't tell you how powerful the movie was then I don't know what does.

The book was more of a background to Chris Kyle and his life. Not really about a lot of specific missions but more about what it meant to be in the military, specifically the SEALs. I loved the way Kyle wrote the book and told his story, such a specific voice. He is a character for sure, great sense of humor and a great sense on life. 
After reading the book and knowing about how he died, it breaks my heart. He is a great example of a dedicated solider and American.

Did anyone else read or watch the movie?

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