Yee Haw!!

Every year around this time comes the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!! We usually go at least once during the month (or more) that it is going on. But I think we might try to go more next year because this was the first year we took Seth and I think we learned a lot. It was extremely crowded the day we went and we didn't get to do as much stuff as we had wanted but next year we will know more. Things with children are always a learning curve!!

We went with some friends who I grow up with but her and her family just moved back in town a few months ago. I am so excited that they are here, we get to do so much together because we are in the same point in our lives. Oliver and Seth had a great time and they really enjoy hanging out with each other!

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Emily Powell said...

tip: don't go on discount day. We did. Bad idea...although NOT my idea ;)

Megan C said...

Good idea, I will keep that in mind next year.