Erin Condren review and 2015 focus

I'm a planner, I'm an organizer, I love to cross things off my to-do list. Therefore, I love a good planner!! So I did some research and decided to get an Erin Condren planner. So far, I am in love with my new planner. There are many different ways to use the planner but I am using it how it was designed as of now, I am only two months into it so that might change.

Here is how I use my planner:
I bought two interchangeable covers that I could use. I haven't yet switched between them yet but I can't wait to try the other one out!

I bought the elastic bands so I can wrap them around to the month at a glance.

I know a lot of people don't use the morning, day, night as they are intended, but I do use them that way as of right now. I haven't figured out how or if I want to use the washi tape to change them.

I also use the plastic bookmark to get to my week easily. I have thought about putting something on the bookmark, like some type of checklists or something, but haven't yet. Any ideas? Or what do y'all use yours for?
On the bottom of each day they are another notes section. I use it for to write down birthdays and for the educational activities I do with Seth throughout the week.

My planner also came with a clip so I use that to hold certain things for the week.

In the goals and notes section I use it for meal planning and recipe ideas for feeing a toddler. I cross them off when I make them.

I believe the notes section is one of my favorite sections! I use it for a lot of things like my goals/focus, weight loss goals, blog post ideas, crafting ideas, books and movies to read/watch, home improvement ideas, etc. I used washi tape to create fun note pages!

In the very back of the planner has a folder that can hold a ton of things. I use it to hold the stickers I created. There are also some other stickers already in the planner that are held in the rings. I love those! Use them like crazy. I also bought some pens that I can use for color coding purposes.

Here is my handy dandy legend!! I love it and it is vital because I definitely forget my colors if I don't use them often. I'll have to rewrite this when I switch covers. 

Here is the back of my current cover I am using.

So I know it is March and I haven't posted this in January like a normal person but here it is... My focus/goals for 2015!

*Plan my time wisely
devotional, teaching time, better wife & working mom
*Spend and save money wisely
savings challenge, cash budget, starting a new business wisely
*Stick to a healthy lifestyle
drink more water, meet weight loss goals, exercise

So far my focus as gone pretty well. When I planned these, I wanted to write out goals that were attainable and that I can achieve by smaller goals.
I wanted to start planning my time better so I can be better for my boys. I was starting to run myself ragged and that was causing my to move my focus away from those relationships. I wanted to be able to help my husband as he was beginning his business and I wanted to be able to teach my son each day at least a little each day. But I also knew that these things would fall in place once I started spending more time with God. I am working on all three of these but it is getting better.
Paul and I started a business and that means we are working really hard on being good with our money. We started a cash budget again (we used to do this but slacked a bit), which has really helped keep our budget in line.
The healthy lifestyle is probably my hardest challenge this year. I drink water pretty well but I have had a hard time meeting my weight loss goals. So far I have been keeping to my 3 days a week workout schedule which has been giving me more energy but I am still working on the eating healthy. I have had a struggle with my weight loss for as long as I remember, but since I had our little boy this has definitely been the hardest time. I know I need to change to a clean eating lifestyle and I am working on it hard. Any tips or good recipes? I want to teach my son a healthy lifestyle.

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Karry Dornak said...

Just letting you know I recently discovered your blog and I love your organization tips and kids' activities! <3