Yee Haw!!

Every year around this time comes the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!! We usually go at least once during the month (or more) that it is going on. But I think we might try to go more next year because this was the first year we took Seth and I think we learned a lot. It was extremely crowded the day we went and we didn't get to do as much stuff as we had wanted but next year we will know more. Things with children are always a learning curve!!

We went with some friends who I grow up with but her and her family just moved back in town a few months ago. I am so excited that they are here, we get to do so much together because we are in the same point in our lives. Oliver and Seth had a great time and they really enjoy hanging out with each other!

a friend-filled weekend

At the beginning of March, my best friend and her family came in town to visit. I have missed my best friend, we have been friends since we were in 1st grade so we are really close. She is like the sister I never had. We haven't lived in the city since we graduated high school, but we are always really good about making sure we visit. 

And since we now both have babies that were born within a month of each other, are visits are definitely different! But we really enjoy planning the fun activities we can do with the littles.

This time we decided to make a trip to the zoo. We went last year around the same time but her husband wasn't able to come so we went again. I think this might have to be an annual trip!!

We saw them throughout the weekend as well. We had dinner with them each night and got to have the kids interact. They haven't seen each other since Seth's first birthday, so they have changed so much. It is fun to see their different personalities.

Can't wait for our next visit!!

Erin Condren review and 2015 focus

I'm a planner, I'm an organizer, I love to cross things off my to-do list. Therefore, I love a good planner!! So I did some research and decided to get an Erin Condren planner. So far, I am in love with my new planner. There are many different ways to use the planner but I am using it how it was designed as of now, I am only two months into it so that might change.

Here is how I use my planner:
I bought two interchangeable covers that I could use. I haven't yet switched between them yet but I can't wait to try the other one out!

I bought the elastic bands so I can wrap them around to the month at a glance.

I know a lot of people don't use the morning, day, night as they are intended, but I do use them that way as of right now. I haven't figured out how or if I want to use the washi tape to change them.

I also use the plastic bookmark to get to my week easily. I have thought about putting something on the bookmark, like some type of checklists or something, but haven't yet. Any ideas? Or what do y'all use yours for?
On the bottom of each day they are another notes section. I use it for to write down birthdays and for the educational activities I do with Seth throughout the week.

My planner also came with a clip so I use that to hold certain things for the week.

In the goals and notes section I use it for meal planning and recipe ideas for feeing a toddler. I cross them off when I make them.

I believe the notes section is one of my favorite sections! I use it for a lot of things like my goals/focus, weight loss goals, blog post ideas, crafting ideas, books and movies to read/watch, home improvement ideas, etc. I used washi tape to create fun note pages!

In the very back of the planner has a folder that can hold a ton of things. I use it to hold the stickers I created. There are also some other stickers already in the planner that are held in the rings. I love those! Use them like crazy. I also bought some pens that I can use for color coding purposes.

Here is my handy dandy legend!! I love it and it is vital because I definitely forget my colors if I don't use them often. I'll have to rewrite this when I switch covers. 

Here is the back of my current cover I am using.

So I know it is March and I haven't posted this in January like a normal person but here it is... My focus/goals for 2015!

*Plan my time wisely
devotional, teaching time, better wife & working mom
*Spend and save money wisely
savings challenge, cash budget, starting a new business wisely
*Stick to a healthy lifestyle
drink more water, meet weight loss goals, exercise

So far my focus as gone pretty well. When I planned these, I wanted to write out goals that were attainable and that I can achieve by smaller goals.
I wanted to start planning my time better so I can be better for my boys. I was starting to run myself ragged and that was causing my to move my focus away from those relationships. I wanted to be able to help my husband as he was beginning his business and I wanted to be able to teach my son each day at least a little each day. But I also knew that these things would fall in place once I started spending more time with God. I am working on all three of these but it is getting better.
Paul and I started a business and that means we are working really hard on being good with our money. We started a cash budget again (we used to do this but slacked a bit), which has really helped keep our budget in line.
The healthy lifestyle is probably my hardest challenge this year. I drink water pretty well but I have had a hard time meeting my weight loss goals. So far I have been keeping to my 3 days a week workout schedule which has been giving me more energy but I am still working on the eating healthy. I have had a struggle with my weight loss for as long as I remember, but since I had our little boy this has definitely been the hardest time. I know I need to change to a clean eating lifestyle and I am working on it hard. Any tips or good recipes? I want to teach my son a healthy lifestyle.

Mommy School: How I teach at home...

So I started this year off trying to plan more and prepare my week ahead of time (post on that soon). This applies to how I plan the ways I teach Seth. Everyday I want to do one new fun learning activity. This could as simple as puzzle time or something with more prep like sensory bins.

Here are some of the things we have done in the last few months. I have put in links where applicable.

The Free Zoo: PetsMart

Park time

Finger Paint


Painted Love sign


Oatmeal sensory bin

Seth is loving the small activities we are doing each day and he still gets plenty of independent play which he loves!

Citrus Lane Box reviews

One of my favorite times to shop for Christmas presents is Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And sometimes I find some a deal that is not quite on my list of Christmas presents... opps! So I found a great deal on three months of boxes from Citrus Lane. We have gotten our three boxes and I wanted to review the ones we have received so far.

December Citrus Lane Box

When I opened our first box, I was really excited. Seth loves Love Child fruit and veggie pouches, so I knew he would love these. He also immediately wanted to grab onto the stuffed animal. It was a stuffed animal dog made from scraps. I loved that it was made from excess materials that would have just been thrown out otherwise. The counting stacker wasn't Seth's favorite thing right away but we played with it for a few days and he got the hang of stacking, he loved it! The book is adorable and has a great meaning behind it.

January Citrus Lane Box

Seth loves the book about the baby animals, we have then since bought another one like it. We have used the rabbit shaped plate a lot and it will really come in handy when Seth gets the hang of using sauces and such. The wooden worm toy was the first thing our little one grabbed and he was interested in figuring out how to play with it. We haven't used the hand sanitizer yet but it is in our diaper bag. The last thing in the box was a Fabletics membership invitation, since I already have a membership with Fabletics, I didn't need this.

February Citrus Lane Box

This was a great box! Seth wanted the bath time basketball hoop open immediately. We had one already but not the same brand and also the suction cups on the one we had weren't sticking very well. I love the flash cards! I am working on teaching Seth as much as I can while he is with me and not at a MDO program. The straw bottle is nice too, we haven't used it yet but I am looking forward to using it with Seth because we are going to work on using straws soon. I am excited to try out the Popbar hot chocolate stick. You just swirl it in some warm milk and tada!!

If you would like to try the boxes or sign up, go here!