Things I never want to forget

Lately, Seth has grown and changed so much. But he is in a phase right now that is difficult on me and we are both exhausted by the end of the day. In those times, I remember all the cute things he is doing and learning right now. I wanted to write down all the cute things he is doing so I can remember them forever cause they grow way to fast. And although this phase is tough, when he gets older, I know there will be harder times and I need to not take these moments of togetherness for granted.

Things I never want to forget:

- the way he grabs mine and his daddy's face to give us a big slobbery kiss.

- the way he waves bye bye.

- how excited he gets when his daddy gets home from work.

- how hard he tries to get his sunglasses on and calls them "tsstss".

- when he stomps his feet real quick when he is excited.

- the way he blows kisses to everyone.

- how he loves chasing the cat.

- his fascination with stacking things.

- the sweet way he lays on your chest to give you a hug.

- when he cuddles with his stuffed animal puppy (we declared his name is Patches).

- how he hides his food beside him in the high chair when he is done eating.

- his loves for dogs.

- how excited he gets when Mickey Mouse comes walking up on the screen.

- the fact that he knows what car his Gigi drives and gets excited when it pulls into the driveway.

- the giggle he has when something is so funny!!

- when he tries to make the dog get in his kennel.

- when he tries to lock himself in the kennel.

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