busy, busy Christmas

And we wouldn't have it any other way. This Christmas we wanted to do as many family activities as possible so we started doing an advent tradition. 

Christmas bucket list for this year:
visit to Santa

drive around to see Christmas lights

put up Christmas tree

read the Christmas story as a family

read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

send out Christmas cards

Make Christmas cookies and leave them out for Santa
didn't get a picture of the actual cookies but here is our set up
use an advent calendar

Make a Christmas wreath

make ornament craft

start out Elf of the Shelf tradition
we are probably going to do this next year

Our Advent Calendar
This year we started using an Advent Calendar. I found a list of verses to read each day from a friend and we would read a verse each day as well as do a family activity together (lots of ideas on Pinterest).
This year I typed up the verse and activity on one piece of paper, but I realized I had to change some of the activities around due to schedule changes. So I started making craft tags to use as our advent verses and activities so I can move the activities if I need. I am still working on finishing these up but they are pretty easy to create.
All you need are craft tags (at least 48), some markers or felt pens, then some washi tape. I wrote each verse on 24 of the tags, then wrote the activity of the others. I also wrote the number for the order of the verses on the opposite side. Decorate with washi tape. 
Lots of the activities are things you are already doing anyway but it makes it more fun to assign it to a day and make a point to do it as a family.
Some of the activities we did were:
read a Christmas book
watch a Christmas movie
make paper snowflakes
drink hot chocolate
wrap presents
wear Christmas pjs
drive around to look at Christmas lights
make an ornament

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