Book Review: Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever
by Jennifer Weiner

I loved reading Jennifer Weiner's books when I was in college and high school so I figured why not read some more. It is about two women who were best friends in high school and then something happened between them that made them fall away from each other. At their high school reunion, one reaches out to the other and things just start to spiral. 

At first, there was a lot of background information that slowed the story down but as the book went on, the background information came into the story. The middle and end of the book was less interrupted by background and really ended up being really good!

I enjoyed the book a lot. It would have been a great summer read... on the beach, laying out! I just finished another one of her books this week so hopefully I will be reviewing that soon.

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I love her books. I'll have to check this one out.