Book Review: Divergent series

Divergent Series: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, Four
by Veronica Roth

I read through the series before the first movie came out. My sister in law let me borrow the first one and I wanted to finish the story so bad, I bought the rest (on discount at Target of course!). It was an easy read and something I couldn't put down. The author really knew how to keep you interested.

The beginning of the first book can be really slow but once it gets into it... so much happens! The setting was interesting and I was always trying to figure out where in the United States it was taking place (you don't find that out until the third book). 

I'm not really sure if I liked how it ended because I think there were a few things were unresolved. But I think the final book, Four, really gave behind the scenes information that the first three books didn't mention because it gave a different point of view.

After seeing the movie, I am even more drawn to the series. I thought the movie was very similar to the book and there were only a few things that were left out of different. I'm excited to see more movies!!

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