1st birthday time capsule

After Seth's birthday party, I had all his decorations and no where to put them. I didn't just want to add them to his keepsake or throw them away. We had a book that everyone signed as a guest book. So I got an idea from Lyndsey and made a time capsule for him to open on his 18th birthday!

I bought this box from The Container Store. It was in the closet organization section but it was nice and not just a plastic box.

Then I added in the decor and birthday cards from the party into the box. I added in a lot of little random things, too, like a cupcake liner, etc.

To put on the final touch I printed out labels about not opening the box until he turns 18.

It is now sitting on a shelf in his closet until I can find a better place with it. I am excited to see him open it on his 18th birthday!!

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