Book Review: Divergent series

Divergent Series: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, Four
by Veronica Roth

I read through the series before the first movie came out. My sister in law let me borrow the first one and I wanted to finish the story so bad, I bought the rest (on discount at Target of course!). It was an easy read and something I couldn't put down. The author really knew how to keep you interested.

The beginning of the first book can be really slow but once it gets into it... so much happens! The setting was interesting and I was always trying to figure out where in the United States it was taking place (you don't find that out until the third book). 

I'm not really sure if I liked how it ended because I think there were a few things were unresolved. But I think the final book, Four, really gave behind the scenes information that the first three books didn't mention because it gave a different point of view.

After seeing the movie, I am even more drawn to the series. I thought the movie was very similar to the book and there were only a few things that were left out of different. I'm excited to see more movies!!

1st birthday time capsule

After Seth's birthday party, I had all his decorations and no where to put them. I didn't just want to add them to his keepsake or throw them away. We had a book that everyone signed as a guest book. So I got an idea from Lyndsey and made a time capsule for him to open on his 18th birthday!

I bought this box from The Container Store. It was in the closet organization section but it was nice and not just a plastic box.

Then I added in the decor and birthday cards from the party into the box. I added in a lot of little random things, too, like a cupcake liner, etc.

To put on the final touch I printed out labels about not opening the box until he turns 18.

It is now sitting on a shelf in his closet until I can find a better place with it. I am excited to see him open it on his 18th birthday!!

Decorating for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. Fall decor might have a little bit to do with it. Pumpkins. Fall colors. And I love the new trend of adding gold into the decor. I blend a little bit of my Halloween decor with my Fall decor. 

This week is pretty much the first week that it is cold down here in Texas so I figured why not post about my fall decor. I didn't post last year and when I looked back to see how to decorate this year (I forget where my decor normally goes haha), I didn't have a post to look back on. So I am posting this year!!

Ships Ahoy!

It has been a while but I am excited to finally share the pictures from Seth's first birthday party...

The Saturday after Seth's actual birthday, we celebrated Seth's birthday with all our friends and family at a nearby park. We did a nautical/pirate theme and I think it turned out really well. Being at a park, there wasn't much I could do for decorations but we just used the navy and gray with a hint of red to bring in the theme. 

Seth had a great time and enjoyed the ball bit and swing the best. His cake smash was fun but he took his time with it for sure. He got some great gifts and we really appreciate everyone coming and all the wonderful presents.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, thanks Emily for taking most of these.