12 months

12 months - 9/25/14

At the doctor on Monday he was 22 lbs and 13 oz. and 30.25 inches. He is a growing boy, getting taller everyday. He still has many rolls and those chubby cheeks, but he is starting to stretch out and not gain as much weight as he used to.

booger nugget, little man, stinker, chunky monkey, buddy, baby boy, booger bear, sugar

Still about the same as last month, two naps and sleeping well at night. Might possibly be down to one nap by next month.

We started transitioning him to milk about 11 and a half months. He is now starting to be fully on milk. Then we are going to start working on getting him off bottles. He is going through a picky phase right now but I think that had something to do with the stomach bug we all had the week of his first birthday.

Still in 12 months but not quite into 12-18 months, they can be a little big on him. He is wearing size 4 diapers during the day and with nighttime diapers.

He started shaking his head no... its the funniest thing. 

He can walk with one hand holding on to something

He stands by himself for at least 10 seconds

He is starting to sometimes follow simple directions
I can't believe this first year has flown by like this. It seems like we just left the hospital. I can't believe our little guy is already one! Planning his birthday party was fun but I am glad to get a little break from the planning. Seth is becoming such a toddler and is so much fun to be around, the days go by so fast when we are playing and having fun and I am so thankful for this opportunity to be home with him.

Seth's favorite part of the day is when his daddy comes home. Sometimes we wait by the window to watch as he walks up the sidewalk. He is very aware of where his dad is at all times once he is home and likes to spend the entire afternoon playing and wrestling with him.

pushing things
turning pages in books
going from person to person
trying to walk
the dog
chasing the cat

having his nose wiped
when someone walks away from him
diaper changes... will that ever change?

Going on this month:
swinging on the new tree swing at the farm

supporting Baylor!

play time with Jenner

Avery's birthday party

Hannah's birthday party

Since this is my last monthly post about Seth, I figured I would leave you with a slideshow of his first year.

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