Our Little One's Halloween costume!

I am so excited to see Seth trick or treating tomorrow! Last year was his first Halloween but since he only a month old we didn't even get him a costume. Still cute though...

This year he is wearing his first Halloween costume:

Baby Shark!!!

Absolutely love it!! He actually is okay with the hat/head covering. Which he normally isn't but he kept it on really well for the Fall Festival we went to this past weekend. 

Georgia and Seth were uninterested in pictures at this point.
Thanks Emily for taking his picture because this silly momma forgot her camera.

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Our 3rd wedding anniversary!

3 years!! I can't believe it has been 3 years married to my best friend! These past three years have flown by and been a crazy three years. I love this day, to look back at the pictures and just relax and enjoy time with my man!

Seth's 1 year photos

Our little boy is growing like a weed. It was so fun taking his 1 year pictures, especially his cake smash pictures. He is so curious and silly, he also LOVES cake!

Keeping your home organized

So I know this is much later than I had said I was going to post but better late than never. This is my last organization post for a while but I figured my last one would be about keeping your home organized. 

I am a very organized and tidy person and I live with a more laid back, a tiny bit messy, man... throw in a toddler and that can make things a little difficult for a type A personality.

Here are some things I do to keep our home organized for both my sanity and so my husband can find things easily when he needs to.

1. Have a place for everything
In my office I have some open shelving that I use to store anything business related, but always I want it to look nice. Using cute bins, mixed in with decor, can really be helpful. Everything has its place and I know exactly where to find things. 

2. Label, label, label
My label maker is my best friend when organizing but labels don't have to be made with a label maker. In our pantry I got these baskets from Target as a wedding gift.

3. Make a family central binder and area
I made a family binder a couple years ago and it is very helpful when we need to store things that everyone in the family needs to have access to. I bought a bin at Hobby Lobby and it holds a budget binder, family binder, my planner, my May Designs food and exercise journal, sticky notes, and a container for pens and markers.

4. Binders make things easier on everyone
In our guest room closet, I keep a ton of binders for many things. Before Pinterest, I would tear out pages I liked for fashion and home. I also used to print craft ideas from blogs. We keep some more budget binders and baby information. Binders are very helpful when organizing many ideas and information you received, saves the time of scanning. I like being able to have easy access to these things.

Hope everyone enjoyed the organizing tips throughout the summer!!

what we have been up to

It has been a long time since I did a post about what we have been up to. I figured I could do another one and catch y'all up.

10 year high school reunion

playing in the tub

made a stop at Magnolia Market and met Chip Gaines

cruising around the coffee table

visiting friends

date night

park time with Jenner

Sic 'em Bears!

breakfast meetings

bathroom renovation

friends in town

his favorite meal... Tex Mex

playing with his birthday toys

helping my friends relocate back to town by helping them purchase a new home

birthday parties

playing with puppies

swinging with Grandpa