office storage and organization

Keeping our office organized and looks tidy is always a challenge. Things just keep piling up and I have to find a place for them.

Recently while cleaning out the guest bedroom, I found my stash of old Fossil watch tins. Perfect thing for organizing the desk drawer (and finding a good use for them). So I used those tins to organize the pins, flash drives, safety pins, etc. 

I also went to my favorite place, Target, and bought some new paper organizers and a few things to organize my future printer cart. 

it needs to be cleaned and is definitely not ready to go because we are using it for a party soon

I found an antique bar cart at a garage sale for $10! No way was I passing that up. But instead of using it as a bar cart (we have a 11 month old baby that gets into everything and we don't drink very often), I am using it as a printer cart instead. For now I am just going to clean it up. Eventually I want to get a new desk, more of a farmhouse style, so once I get that I will decide what to do with the cart.

To go along with my new paper organizers, I bought these adorable files and used them to hold some lose paperwork I had lying around.

When organizing my office, I just try to keep it fun and pretty. It makes me smile when thing looked organized and pretty!

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