we have a 1-year-old!!

I can't believe as of today we have a 1-year-old son! A year ago today we were in the hospital waiting for our son to arrive. We had waiting 39 weeks to meet our son and we were so excited to finally see him. That day was a tough, happy, emotional, long, tiring, love-filled day.

We have a great, loving, curious, little boy and every day I can't thank the Lord enough for his great gift to us. He is such a silly boy and makes me laugh everyday. 

Little one, we love you so much and loved seeing your grow into the little boy you are today. Can't wait to see what kind of toddler you become, you are such a funny little boy already. We love you so much and can't wait to spend your day together as a family.

office storage and organization

Keeping our office organized and looks tidy is always a challenge. Things just keep piling up and I have to find a place for them.

Recently while cleaning out the guest bedroom, I found my stash of old Fossil watch tins. Perfect thing for organizing the desk drawer (and finding a good use for them). So I used those tins to organize the pins, flash drives, safety pins, etc. 

I also went to my favorite place, Target, and bought some new paper organizers and a few things to organize my future printer cart. 

it needs to be cleaned and is definitely not ready to go because we are using it for a party soon

I found an antique bar cart at a garage sale for $10! No way was I passing that up. But instead of using it as a bar cart (we have a 11 month old baby that gets into everything and we don't drink very often), I am using it as a printer cart instead. For now I am just going to clean it up. Eventually I want to get a new desk, more of a farmhouse style, so once I get that I will decide what to do with the cart.

To go along with my new paper organizers, I bought these adorable files and used them to hold some lose paperwork I had lying around.

When organizing my office, I just try to keep it fun and pretty. It makes me smile when thing looked organized and pretty!

Madison's 1st birthday!

At the end of August, my best friend's daughter turned one. Seth and Madison are exactly one month apart. We drove up Friday and spent the weekend with their family and helped them get ready for the party. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about planning a party which is great because Seth's birthday is coming up very soon. I will let them pictures do the rest of the talking.

Happy Birthday Madison, we love you!!!