Mommy School: Ocean Week

It has been two months since I became a full time stay at home mom! I have decided to be more purposeful with our time throughout the day. I felt the need to start organizing our day so that we can end up getting more things done and I can start teaching him things, mommy school! I know he is not even a year yet, but our little boy is soaking up everything and I want him to learn as much as he can.

Shark Week also started recently so I decided why not start our Mommy School with Ocean Week!!

I did an activity each day and read two ocean themed books as well. I just found the books from the collection he had already started... it helped that his room is nautical and I love pirates!

I scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and adapted a few of the activities to go with Ocean Week.


The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
Moby-Dick by Jennifer Adams
Ella Sets Sail by Carmela & Steven D’amico
Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler
On a Pirate Ship by Sarah Courtauld & Benji Davies
Little Stinker! by Stevel Smallman & Joelle Dreidemy

Mess-free finger painting using ocean colors.
I followed this tutorial but I just changed the colors. Our little guy might have been a little too young for this activity, he isn't to the stage where he can really take instruction or stay still for too long. 

All you need is a gallon size plastic zippered bag, white computer paper, and 2 to 3 colors of paint. I used blue, green, and silver because I already had them and they were the best ocean colors I had.

Put the computer paper inside the bag and then squirt some of the colors randomly on the page. Zip up the bag and then let your little one feel the paint. As he was playing with it, I went over what colors they were and that they were in the ocean.

Make sure when your little one is done, to gently take the paper out before it drys. Let it dry outside the bag.

Sensory bags
I used this blog for inspiration. I used blue hair gel, Swedish Fish, and quart size zippered bags. Fill the bags with the gel, put some fish inside, zip up the bag, then hang the bag on the window so the light shines through. Let your little one squish and play with the fish.

Blue Jell-o sensory play
This one was a fun one for the whole family! This tutorial is what I followed for this activity. You just need blue Jell-o and some ocean animals. All you do is make the Jell-o, putting some kind of ocean animal toy in the mixture before putting it in the fridge and then when its ready, let the baby explore. We talked about the color of the ocean and what the different animals were that I put in the Jell-o.

Shark Feeding Game
Toddler Approved is one of my favorite sites for fun activities like these. She just had an Ocean Week with this activity so it was perfect timing. This was one of the activities I was looking forward to the most.

You will need some cardboard, white and colored cardstock, scissors, tape, and a permanent marker. We had some old boxes lying around so I drew out a shark head with a mouth and then cut it out. Then I cut out some teeth and taped to the mouth area. I then cut out the fish for the game using multiple different colors of cardstock. My husband drew me the template because I am a horrible drawer! I cut out 26 so I could put the alphabet on them. After cutting them I wrote the alphabet on one side and then numbers on the other side. 

Then I sat our little boy in front and showed him how to put the fish in the shark's mouth. I concentrated on colors and working on putting them in the shark's mouth since he is not yet a year... letters and numbers will come later.

Overall, this week was fun and it was good to be more purposeful with our time but I think we will have to come up with a few more activities for younger babies, he is just into getting into everything so not really into concentrating on specific games.  I am going to have to start some sensory buckets because he would love that. 

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