To color code or not to color code: clothes organization

First I want to begin with... I am not going to be doing a link up with these organization posts except at the end. I will do a recap post where everyone can link up any type of organization post they have done.

Now on to the real post...

When I walk in my closet, I want to be able to grab an outfit and put it together easily. In college, I decided to began to organize my clothes by color. I am not sure how I got by before that!

There are many different ways to organize your clothes, from color to sleeve length to style. I am going to be showing how I organize my clothes by color and how to organize by sleeve length.

When organizing by color I also organize within the color by sleeve length so I start with tank tops then end with jackets. This way I know what color I want then grab a specific sleeve length. I also have cardigans in there all together so I can get the right one to layer over a top.

That is just tops, I also do this with dresses as well. Maxi dresses at the front of the color and end with anything with a sleeve. 

With skirts, pants, and shorts I color code as well but I separate work pants from jeans. 

Yes, I do this with my husband's clothes as well. He probably doesn't care as much as I do but oh well, it makes the closet look pretty!!

To organize by sleeve length, you would put all the tank tops together, all the short sleeve, all the cardigans, etc. Within the length you would organize by color. This would a great way to organize if you have an outfit idea and you can interchange the colors. I don't organize this way but I wanted to show some pictures for example.

I kinda like the way this might work so I might have to try it out!

How do you organize your closet?

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Jonathan Powell said...

I do the opposite. I organize by sleeve length and then by color :)