organizing a linen closet

Next stop in my home organization tour!! I organized this linen closet in the past but like I said, I am going on a purge through our entire home. 

In our master linen closet we keep our beach towels, sheets for our bed, medicine, bath towels, hand towels, and extra bath products.

I used some adorable basket I bought at Target to organize the specific items so they weren't just piled on the shelves.

I printed tags onto some textured paper. The tags make it look cute and put together... more pleasing to my eyes!

A couple things I kept in mind while purging through this linen closet were to throw out expired medicines or items and throw out anything that we haven't used out of our extra product basket. After focusing on those two things I was able to really update our linen closet organization so it was not as cluttered.

I'll be back with more organization posts soon!

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