favorite places to buy storage items

When buying storage items, I always look for cute but inexpensive. I use colorful storage bins all the time because lots of color makes me happy!

Most of the time I look to the Container Store for ideas and really cute storage that might be used out in the open. But sometimes the Container Store can get pretty expensive when you are buying multiple things. They do have some pretty unique storage items that most stores do not. I did a happy dance when they opened one in our area!!

The bins in these two drawers in my son's nursery are from Container Store. They were really cute and stylish... also the only ones I could find that were the correct size I needed.

The other store that I end up buying the majority of my unseen storage is Target. They have great colorful storage bins that I use for storing holiday decorations, keepsake items, my son's old clothes, and most recently I used some for organizing our bathroom vanity. Recently, Target had a coupon and a Cartwheel discount for storage items. That made this girl very happy! Plus I used my Target Card for an extra 5% off!! I love a good discount!

Now I know there are some of you who have their favorite places to buy storage. I am always look for suggestions!! What are your favorite places to buy storage?

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Emily Powell said...

Laughing as I picture you doing your "happy dance". haha