10 months

10 months - 7/25/14

not quite sure... I think somewhere around 22 lbs. and 29 inches.

booger nugget, little man, stinker, chunky monkey, buddy, baby boy, booger bear

He is down to two naps a day and they are both usually about an hour and a half. He also sleeps very well through the night. Usually goes to sleep around 7:30 or 8 then wakes around 7 or 7:30. 

Down to four bottles a day and has three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), along with a couple snacks as well. He is starting to eat so much more or the food we eat. I have to be much more cautious about what we cook for ourselves as well.

He is in such a weird phase right now, depending on the brand he can be anywhere from 6-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months, or 18 months. It is making dressing him so complicated sometimes. We are going through some his smaller clothes one last time then either packing them away or selling them.
He is still in size 3 diapers. Since he started crawling, he is starting to lean out. He has been in size 3s for quite some time.

He is such a fast crawler these days. He loves when we start saying "I'm going to get you" and start coming after him. Makes him laugh so much.

He is really starting to learn what we say and understands so much. He isn't saying any words, except sometimes his babbles make words... I'm not sure when to start counting words as actual words. 

He is walking a lot with a walker and with our hands as well.

We finished up a 3 week swim class and he loved it. He loves being in the water and splashes the whole time.

He pushes things around all day... seems to entertain himself so it is okay with me!

I love being a stay at home mommy, spending my days with him is always an adventure. He changes every day and its like a new day all the time. It can be exhausting but I feel so fulfilled at the end of the day. 

His favorite thing is when he comes home and our little guy gets so excited to see him. He lights up when Daddy comes home! When he comes home they play all afternoon. 

Walking with his walker
feeding himself
bath time
playing with spoons and tupperware
swim lessons

getting his diaper changed
being on his back
getting into the car seat

Going on this month:

eating popsicles

a birthday party

pushing things around

trying to drive

organizing a linen closet

Next stop in my home organization tour!! I organized this linen closet in the past but like I said, I am going on a purge through our entire home. 

In our master linen closet we keep our beach towels, sheets for our bed, medicine, bath towels, hand towels, and extra bath products.

I used some adorable basket I bought at Target to organize the specific items so they weren't just piled on the shelves.

I printed tags onto some textured paper. The tags make it look cute and put together... more pleasing to my eyes!

A couple things I kept in mind while purging through this linen closet were to throw out expired medicines or items and throw out anything that we haven't used out of our extra product basket. After focusing on those two things I was able to really update our linen closet organization so it was not as cluttered.

I'll be back with more organization posts soon!

life lately with our family

Summer has been fun! I love being a stay at home mom (post about that coming soon). Being with Seth everyday was an adjustment for a a few weeks but it has been great! We have been crazy busy and I haven't really posted a lot so I figured I would do a photo filled post of what we have been up to...

playing in his toy basket

playing with Avery

playing with Madison

first swim!

he loves dogs!

swim class

Juice Plus+ conference in San Antonio... very inspirational!

hanging out with Jenny

pool party

trying a Fruttare popsicle!

helping Grandpa and Daddy hang a new piece of art above the TV

birthday parties with Avery (oh and her dad haha!)

Loves playing with momma's Tupperware

blurry but so happy!

having a great time with Grandpa in the water tank

favorite places to buy storage items

When buying storage items, I always look for cute but inexpensive. I use colorful storage bins all the time because lots of color makes me happy!

Most of the time I look to the Container Store for ideas and really cute storage that might be used out in the open. But sometimes the Container Store can get pretty expensive when you are buying multiple things. They do have some pretty unique storage items that most stores do not. I did a happy dance when they opened one in our area!!

The bins in these two drawers in my son's nursery are from Container Store. They were really cute and stylish... also the only ones I could find that were the correct size I needed.

The other store that I end up buying the majority of my unseen storage is Target. They have great colorful storage bins that I use for storing holiday decorations, keepsake items, my son's old clothes, and most recently I used some for organizing our bathroom vanity. Recently, Target had a coupon and a Cartwheel discount for storage items. That made this girl very happy! Plus I used my Target Card for an extra 5% off!! I love a good discount!

Now I know there are some of you who have their favorite places to buy storage. I am always look for suggestions!! What are your favorite places to buy storage?

9 months

9 months - 6/25/14
He shortly cried after this picture because he wanted down to play with my camera strap. Oh and sorry for the unedited pictures, my computer crashed and I had to get a new one so I don't have my editing software loaded.

He is 20 lbs. 14.5 oz. and 28 1/4 inches long

booger nugget, little man, stinker, chunky monkey, buddy, baby boy

His sleep has been great lately. At night he usually goes to bed around 7:30 to 8 and then wakes up anywhere from 7 to 8 but I don't get him out of bed until around 8. He has about two naps a day usually at 9:30 and 2:30 unless he doesn't have good naps and then he will take another catnap. I don't have to rock him to sleep, he just takes a pacifier then we lay him down.

He is still eating so well. Towards the end of this month he started to not really want his oatmeal so we decreased that and gave him more food. He also is working on puffs and teething biscuits. We are also working on his pincher grasp and he has put he puffs in his mouth a few times. He is having breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with his 5 bottles and some snacks.

He is still in size 3 diapers but I think we will have to move up to 4s soon, he has a little too many blowouts recently. He is  still in some 9 month clothes but they are getting a little small. He is in some 6 to 12 month clothing that fit him better. His pajamas are 12 month. He is a big boy and getting much longer, he is longer than he is chubby now. But still has those big cheeks!

He began crawling this month! He started with army crawling then one day he started following me around the corner! He is crawling everywhere! Our big boy also pulls up all the time on anything he can find. He also has learned to turn the light on and off and put things inside of buckets and such.

I love being a stay at home mom, we have so much fun together! We usually have a pretty busy day and have been enjoying swimming quite a few times. We are going to be doing swimming lessons soon which is nerve-racking but exciting.

Our boy loves when daddy comes home, he gets this huge smile on his face and squeals with excitement! Paul loves seeing him everyday when he gets off work. They have such a special connection.

the puppy

getting into everything
his new basketball hoop
when daddy comes home

getting his clothes or diaper changed
not being able to get to momma

Going on this month:
celebrating dad's first Father's Day

first swim

visited friends in Austin

To color code or not to color code: clothes organization

First I want to begin with... I am not going to be doing a link up with these organization posts except at the end. I will do a recap post where everyone can link up any type of organization post they have done.

Now on to the real post...

When I walk in my closet, I want to be able to grab an outfit and put it together easily. In college, I decided to began to organize my clothes by color. I am not sure how I got by before that!

There are many different ways to organize your clothes, from color to sleeve length to style. I am going to be showing how I organize my clothes by color and how to organize by sleeve length.

When organizing by color I also organize within the color by sleeve length so I start with tank tops then end with jackets. This way I know what color I want then grab a specific sleeve length. I also have cardigans in there all together so I can get the right one to layer over a top.

That is just tops, I also do this with dresses as well. Maxi dresses at the front of the color and end with anything with a sleeve. 

With skirts, pants, and shorts I color code as well but I separate work pants from jeans. 

Yes, I do this with my husband's clothes as well. He probably doesn't care as much as I do but oh well, it makes the closet look pretty!!

To organize by sleeve length, you would put all the tank tops together, all the short sleeve, all the cardigans, etc. Within the length you would organize by color. This would a great way to organize if you have an outfit idea and you can interchange the colors. I don't organize this way but I wanted to show some pictures for example.

I kinda like the way this might work so I might have to try it out!

How do you organize your closet?