trash, resale, giveaway, or keep: how to decide and sort

When I begin organizing a room or an area, I always just take everything out. Laying everything out and removing everything from the area allows me to see the space fresh and it always me to clean up dust or dirt that may have collected there. I really haven't done much organization in my closet in a long while so I started there.

I removed all the boxes, books, shoes, and extra storage bins to see the space better (and because we have to tear up our carpet because of a plumbing issue). Then once I go everything out, I cleaned off all the shelves.

This is where the piles come in! I started with my shoes and I grabbed every pair that I never wear, are too worn, or I just don't like anymore and put them in a big pile. The remainder of the shoes are obviously the ones I am keeping. Then I sorted through which ones I could trash, giveaway, or take to a resale shop.  My rule of thumb for these three piles...

Is it worn to the point of no return? TRASH!

excuse the blurry picture... I have worn these shoes a lot and they are no good for anyone

Is it still in good shape but not piratical? GIVEAWAY! I usually drop in a bin for the pregnancy assistance center in my area so this depends on where you are giving away to.
these are slightly worn but would make great shoes for people who need them and they are still practical

Is it still in great shape? RESALE!

I have barely worn any of these shoes but they were just collecting dust in my closet

Now since I was done with the shoes, I moved on to my purses. I had all my small purses in bins organized into color for quick selection. So after pulling all those down I went through those. I asked myself, when was the last time I used this purse and would I see myself using it again? If I couldn't remember when I used it last, I wasn't keeping it.

Here are some of the purses I decided not to keep. At this point it came down to giveaway or resale. That came down to condition.

These were a little damaged with stains and scratches so they will be given away.

These were in great or good condition still so I am going to take them to a resale shop.

While I was at it, I decided to go ahead a clean out my nightstand. Over the weekend I found a new one so I need to rearrange anyways. I again made some piles of stuff I forgot I had in the drawer. I found stuff I needed to trash, keep but move somewhere else, put in a keepsake bin (I am big into memories), or books that I really needed to end up reading or move somewhere else!

Once that was all completed, I moved a few boxes to the attic and was able to move everything else back in. But I am not done, now I need to go through my clothes and take some stuff to the resale shop. Next, I am going to show you the different options for color coding your clothes... or is it better not to?

Don't forget to link up your organizational tips today. How do you decide to trash, resale, giveaway, or keep??

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