now there is no excuse

Date ideas can be hard to come up with so sometimes we just end up doing the same thing, dinner and a movie. But now we have no excuse.

I began this project a while ago and I finally finished this! I saw this project on many different blogs (I used this one the most) but I wanted to share my version of the Date Night Jar.

the supplies:
mason jar
Popsicle sticks
spray paint (red, dark pink, light pink)
permanent marker
scrapbook paper
card stock

First I came up with a list of date ideas and categorized them by level of planning and money needed. Here are just a few of the ideas I used:

Then I spray painted the different colors unto the Popsicle sticks. The different colors represent the different levels of dates. I used red for more expensive and more planning, dark pink for at home dates, and pink for a little money and just a little planning.

I then made a tag with extra scrapbook paper and card stock I had lying around. Wrapping yarn around the top of the jar was an easy way to attach the tag.

There you have it... a simple date night jar!

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Emily Powell said...

I did something like this and was bad about keeping up with it. Need to try again!