lessons I've learned: our diaper bag

When I began my pregnancy, I never really thought about my diaper bag and what I would put in it. Boy, was I unprepared. We have had so many instances where we really need this and it wasn't there or it was there but we ran out.

My mom bought me a beautiful Stella and Dot bag (another good option) and a cosmetic case for diapers and wipes. I am so glad she did this because I was thinking about a bag but I never really could decide. It is cute and practical! In my bag there is a great zipper pocket on the inside, a pocket on the outside (which is great for my phone or anything I might need for that specific outing), and some different pockets on the inside that are great for pacifiers or bottles.

When I said I was unprepared, I meant it. Sometimes I would go a couple days without using the bag. I wouldn't check the bag before taking it out and then I would get somewhere and realize we had no diapers, no change of clothes in case of a blowout or a throw up episode on the way to the doctor (this actually happened and he had to get a chiropractic adjustment in his diaper!), no wipes, or no pacifiers. This was totally my fault and my responsibility, I just rushed out of the house instead of checking... it is true, it will take you at least 15 more minutes to leave the house than it used to.

As our little guy grows older, what goes in the bag definitely changes but here are some basics I have ran across:

- always bring more diapers than you think and check to make sure there is enough before you leave.

- wipes are very important, make sure you have MORE than enough.

- have a travel diaper changing pad on handy and use it on the restroom diaper changing tables, they are padded and clean.

- bottles are necessary so make sure you have a great compartment in your bag where you can put the bottles so they don't spill.

- buy a formula dispenser, we use ours every day, multiple times a day.

- bring multiple pacifiers because it is inevitable, they will fall on the floor. We also keep a pacifier clip my friend made so that way we can attach the pacifier to that, then attach it to his shirt for less chance of it falling on the ground

- if you baby is teething, bring multiple teethers. 

- bring plenty of toys that are small and don't make a ton of noise... just in case they decide to continue to play music every time you bump the bag into something.

- a change of clothes for baby is very important but when they are fussy and very dirty you won't want them to be all fancy and dressed up, just bring a sleeper or something you can pack easily. 

- if your baby has reflux like our little guy, bring an extra shirt just in case it gets on you too. We have learned to deal with this because we are so used to it now but when throw up or poop is involved, that is a different story.

- this might be a little much but we also have a travel safety and grooming kit that is always handy. You never know when you might need it, especially when they are older. Mine was a gift so I figured I might as well take advantage.

- always remember your wallet and phone, no need for your entire purse.

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Emily Powell said...

Something I've gotten in the habit of doing since Georgia was a bitty baby was repacking the back every night and making sure all is where is should be. Or, if we have multiple trips during the day, repacking it when she goes down for her nap. That way, as soon as she wakes up we're ready to go :)

Katie said...

i have two diaper bags and don't like either one of them!! i like this one!

Chrissy + Nate said...

Hi! I found your blog through Katie at ...for Lauren and Lauren and I am a new follower! It seems as though we are in the same season of life (I have two fur babies too but we have no children yet) and I can't wait to read more about your precious family!

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