home organization summer challenge

I am officially a stay at home mom! Today marked the first work day that I will not be going back to work as a teacher. I am still a photographer, real estate agent, and work in the health food industry but I am no longer a teacher and I will be staying home with my son. He is my job!!

Okay... now back to what I was writing about in the first place. With summer upon us, I wanted to begin a home organization project. Over the summer (June through the end of August), I will be working on organizing, purging, and thoroughly cleaning out my entire house.

Have you ever just looked through a drawer and noticed there is stuff in there you had forgotten you had? You had just kept that thing because one day you might need it and five years later you still hadn't used it? Well, I tend to do that too! So introducing the...

Home Organization Summer Challenge!!!

I am challenging myself and all of you to go through your rooms, closets, drawers, pantries, and offices to purge and clean out. I will be doing posts throughout the summer based off different organizational topics, such as:

trash, resale, giveaway, or keep: how to decide and sort
to color code or not to color code: clothes organization
favorite places to buy storage items
organizing a linen closet
using storage to decorate
office storage and organization
keeping your home organized

I will be going through my entire home, room by room, throughout the summer starting in my closet and bathroom. Hopefully my little 8 month old son will love this process as well or at least take long naps to help mommy get through this process!

I have already started my first project, taking some of the stuff off the shelves in my closet!
(We also are having a little plumbing issue in our shower, which happens to share a wall with the closet so I had no excuse and had to take some things out.)

But I still have a ways to go...

Then it will be time to go through everything and trash, resale, giveaway, or keep.

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Emily Powell said...

I really need to do this before we move. Ugh...