Look up

I just had to share what I read/saw today on Wifessionals blog. It was a very convicting and emotional post.

So powerful! I teach high school yearbook and today we are almost 20 days out from the end of school and after a great discussion everyone in the class participated in (I believe it was about their favorite childhood shows), one of my students said "I believe this is the first time we really talked as an entire class". I was just amazed because I can't believe that it took all year for them to put all their media away and really get to know their classmates. (Our school allows phones in the classroom and when the yearbook is being made, they are not supposed to have their phones, but the yearbook is done now). When I look in the hallways, I see so many students who are not social and are just looking down. They are missing so many opportunities.

I have seen too many families at dinner not say a word to each other because they are too busy looking up things on their phone about people they barely know. What is ironic now, it is seems there family are the ones they barely know.

I don't want this to be my life. I want to be able to look back and know that I was there in those moments... I don't want to miss my child growing up. Today I am deciding to put the phone down and really interact with those around me. I am really not much of a phone person at all, not compared to many people today, but I still know that I must be in the moment.

I hope this video touched your heart as well. Let's not let this next generation, our kids, become what I see everyday in my high school students... Look UP!

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