7 months

7 months - 4/25/14
just a bit late
We are officially out of that infant stage and we have a full-blown baby!!

Probably a little over 20 pounds and around 26 to 27 inches

booger nugget, little man, stinker, chunky monkey

Lately he has been having such a hard time sleeping at night. We began the weaning him from his swaddle in the past few weeks and that has made sleep an issue. He also began rolling over so he just rolls around and cannot get comfortable. I also think he is going through some separation anxiety. I read that this can cause issue while they are sleeping at night as well. He wakes up sometimes screaming and doesn't calm until I pick him up. Sometimes he still will just accept a pacifier but recently he needs me to pick him up.
His morning nap is definitely his best. For naps he takes anywhere from 2 to 4 naps a day depending on what is going on that day. 

Our little guy is still eating 5 times a day, not sure when we will ever move to 4 but that is fine with me, he is on a good routine so I'll take it.
He has tried so many solids I have a hard time keeping track. He eats Oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and has solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is still eating purees and we use the pouches like Ella's Kitchen, Happy Baby, and Plum. We feed him a lot of mixed foods which helps bring in many different foods throughout the day.
He loves his mesh teethers we have as well. Just cut up some bananas (or anything he has been introduced to), freeze it in a ziploc over night, then stuff a few slices in the mesh. He loves sitting in his high chair gnawing on that while we are eating dinner or cleaning up the kitchen.

Still is size 3 diapers, Pampers Sensitive. He is in mostly 9 month, or 6 to 12 month clothing. We are still trying to get some use out of some of our 6 month clothing because he seems to go through them so fast.

It seems like he learns something new every day. He seems to have such a calm personality, very observant, but sometimes when he is sleepy or mad... he can be mad!

He sits up so well and when he falls forward, he straightens out to lay on his tummy. Still not good at falling backwards, it stuns him a bit.

He scoots in a circle on his tummy really fast.

He rolls from back to tummy.

He is starting to pull up as well. Not quite on his feet but his butt comes a bit off the ground.

He "talks" all the time and I am pretty sure he has said something that might sound like dada and mama a couple times.

Feeling good except the times when I feel like I am not a mom. Since I work and am so busy each afternoon I feel like I don't connect with our little guy as much as I would like. It is a weird feeling, it is hard to explain. But I know he loves me and knows I am his momma.
I only have 6 5 more weeks of work until I am not a teacher anymore! I am grateful for this opportunity to stay home with our boy.

He started a new job recently and also has been working on getting his own business up and running. It will be a stressful time but it'll be worth it once we can make it through the first few months. He still makes a point to hang out with our little guy sometime throughout the day.


mommy and daddy

his bouncer
turning the pages in books
his new alligator toy
sitting up
rolling around when he is supposed to be sleeping
the puppy
being outside

being put in his high chair
changing his diaper
when mommy and daddy walk away

Going on this month:

Visit to Marquez

first trip to the zoo

Bluebonnet pictures

Easter Bunny

4th wedding since he was born

Easter Sunday and hunting Easter eggs

met another friend's new baby

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