6 months

Our little one turned 6 months over a week ago... I am a little late, opps. Oh and beware of video overload!

6 months - 3/25/14

19 pounds 9 ounces
26 inches

booger nugget, little man, stinker, chunky monkey

This little guy is a great sleeper now but he is picky. He likes to be in his crib for most naps. He is not the best at falling asleep in busy places anymore like he used to when he was a newborn. He usually wakes up too when we go anywhere when he is already asleep.
He has about 3 naps and a catnap each day. He is still going to bed around 7:30 or 8 each night and gets up around 7:30 each morning. He rarely wakes up in the night unless he is sick.

Our little one is eating formula at every meal still but we have cut back how many ounces because he is getting so many other foods he doesn't finish his bottle. So far he has tried butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, green beans, banana, and prunes. I started off making the purees myself but since I am so busy with work there was just never enough time. My suggested I start buying the pouches and giving him those first to make sure he was allergic then if he likes them I can make them myself. This helps because sometimes when you make them yourself they make so much. Even though we use the pouches we are still pretty picky about the brand, we want to make sure there are no GMOs in the purees. We use Ella's Kitchen and Happy Baby the most.

Little Man is still in size 3 diapers and he is in about 6-9 months clothing. When he wears Carter's he usually wears 9 months but some 6 month stuff from them still fit but he has a long body so it is rare. Baby Gap has only 6 to 12 month sizes so he is those already. But Gymboree he is in 6 to 9. 

Little guy has developed a lot since last month! He definitely went through a leap recently. If you haven't read into Wonder Weeks, you need to, it was pretty spot on with Seth. 

He sits up on his own. Can't get to a sit up position by himself but he can stay in the position for a while. Sometimes he still falls over but he is getting better at that.

He found his feet. And can roll side to side.

He bounces all the time. Loves his bouncer and exersaucer.

Pushes himself up on his hands.

He "talks" all the time and definitely makes more consonant sounds.

He reaches for people and protests when you walk away. He also wants everything we have.

He plays in the bath now!

Began pureed foods

I have officially decided not to go back to teaching next year. I also told my students this as well. I will still be doing photography, selling Juice Plus+, and possibly continuing real estate. It was just getting so hard to leave him every morning. He got sick twice since the beginning of February and having to leave him when he is sick is the worst thing I ever had to do. It is hard to not teach anymore but I know it is what is best for our family.

Our little guy loves his daddy, he thinks he is the funniest thing on earth. It is fun to see Daddy being a dad to Seth because he loves him so much. When little man gets fussy, Daddy breaks out his guitar and it soothes him... we might have a little musician on our hands!



reading books

playing airplane


the puppy

giving "hugs"

going out to eat

being outside


being put into his high chair when he is sleepy

taking his clothes on and off, especially his arms

falling over

Going on this month:

Celebrated mommy's birthday

Spring Break

Golf time with mommy and daddy

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day

Meeting his Great Grandpa for the first time

Rode in a shopping cart for the first time

Got a stomach bug

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