a visit to my parents' ranch

I guess I think the cutest thing in the world is to put a baby in a group of flowers and take pictures!!

he was clearly thrilled about it

Paul had to get in on the action

Then Seth took a ride with his Grandpa in the tractor. He loved it!

what healthy living means to me...

Recently, as in the past 10 years, I have been experiencing some strange health symptoms. Most people wouldn't find these worrying but combined together I just knew something just wasn't right.

Over the next few years, my symptoms become more and more worrisome. My doctors kept changing the prescriptions and our approach but nothing was helping. They thought I might have had a thyroid issue or PCOS but they said they ruled those out.

I was sick and tired of this. I needed to know what was causing all these symptoms, I was sick of the migraines, the exhaustion, the breakouts, and the many other symptoms. By this time it was 8 years later and I was still having the symptoms. They had varied in degree throughout the years, but they were still there.

My husband and I had been researching the benefits of bio-identical supplements and clean eating. We found a doctor in the area that specializes in this. After having our baby I finally was able to begin the change to finding out the reasoning behind my symptoms. 

Earlier this year, we found out about all my different deficiencies and my hormonal imbalance. My doctor also said there is a large possibility that I do have PCOS. These can all be caused by diet.  

Yes, I said diet... the food I was putting into my system. 

Isn't it crazy to think about the way foods have changed over the years. Think about biblical times and the foods they ate and then think about now and the foods we eat.

What is the difference?
Processed foods, wheat, lack of fruits and veggies, and so much more.

My doctor also suggested many supplements for my deficiencies and she wanted to me to start taking Juice Plus+. Around this same time, my best friend had started her own business sharingJuice Plus+ so she could stay at home with her baby girl. I saw this as a sign to join her in this business because it would change my health for the better, I could start my own business with my best friend, I could stay at home with my little boy, and continue to help people!

Since finding all this out, I have been working on taking my supplements (for my deficiencies), taking Juice Plus+ for extra nutrients, and changing my diet. But I am not just dieting, I am changing my entire lifestyle. I know that my health is permanent so therefore my diet must be permanent.

Because of this experience, I want to share my story so other people don't continue to hurt their body and they too can change their lifestyle. Just this small change can work wonders on your health. And who doesn't want to know their family will continue to be around for a long time without any major health issue? I know I want that!

Has anyone ever wanted to start a healthy lifestyle? Anyone want to make changes in their health?

I would love to start a weekly post or link-up about health and keeping your family healthy. Who would be interested?

a Texas tradition

Taking pictures in the bluebonnets is a Texas tradition. So of course we had to take some while our friends were in town. Trying to take pictures of two small babies in the bluebonnets was an adventure to say the least.

And some outtakes:

New domain name!

So if you look above, you can see that my domain name has changed. I am starting the process to revamping my blog!! That means you will see many changes from here on out like posts being deleted (because they are too private to share with a lot of people), more advertising on the side, and a new blog design.

But I need some advice:
What kind of advertising is best for blogging, a blogging network or sponsorships?
Does anyone know any places to get blog design completed that is reasonably priced?

Go check me out on Bloglovin'!!

our zoo trip

We love visits from friends! My best friend Jenny and her adorable daughter came in town to visit and host a Juice Plus+ event. To make the most of the weekend we made our way to the Houston Zoo for the two little ones first time to the Zoo.

Cool baby!

You can see they are so excited haha

He loves riding on his daddy's shoulders

loved the bears!

feeding the giraffes

just monkeying around!

I started a tradition of buying a book for each big memory and writing the date and event in it.
Stole Jenny's idea!

Not sure if they enjoyed it but I did!!

first Easter basket

Baby boy's first Easter is coming up and I finally got his Easter basket together. I had a hard time figuring out what to put in it since he is not at the age for candy. Toys and books seemed like the best option. So I headed to my favorite place, Target, and picked up some great things. Most everything in the basket I bought and used my Target Cartwheel app which is just about my most favorite thing in the world. On this trip I saved a total of $10! 

The basket is from Pottery Barn Kids and it is personalized too! They were having free personalization in February so I took that opportunity to buy his basket!

Curious George DVD was on sale for $4! Well of course I was going to snatch that up. And this one is about pirates... a key to this momma's heart!

The board books were 10% off with my Cartwheel app. I love the board books and Seth loves to try and chew on them!

Around our home we stay away from any foods that have GMOs and Ella's Kitchen (among others) is a great baby food brand that doesn't have any GMOs in their foods. With me being at work, these pouches are great for when I can't puree the foods myself. And our little guy loves them!! These were also 10% off with my Cartwheel app. I bought some more but these are the ones I put in his basket. 

The card was also bought with my Cartwheel app but the Infantino squeakie wasn't. One of his squeakies was ruined so I wanted to give him another one. He just loves that noise.

The basket came together well and I think our little one will be able to really use these things at the age. Can't wait to see how his basket grows and changes as he does!

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going to the chapel

Over Valentine's Day weekend, one of my closest friends got married! We have been friends since we were toddlers so it is crazy to see us married and growing up. 

To start the weekend off we went to a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Paul and Seth stayed home because Seth had RSV.

It is a tradition for us to give each other a "honeymoon survival kit" on the night of the rehearsal. This is the one we made Ashley.

The next morning we had bridal brunch at an adorable historic home.

her grandmother's dress

Then we headed to the reception venue to get our hair and make-up done. I took lots of pictures of the venue before people got there and the girls getting ready.

After getting ready we headed to the chapel... got married! Then we headed to the reception!

Congrats Ashley and Vince! I am so happy for you and love you!!!!