what we have been up to lately...

So I have been a little busy and have not blogged in awhile. Also, I am in the process of trying to move my blog posts around to this blog from my other blog and that is taking up any extra time I might have on a computer. But I figured I would catch everyone up on what we have been doing...

Ashley's Bachelorette Weekend
The first weekend of January some of the girls celebrated Ashley by making a weekend of it and going to Fredericksburg. It was a fun trip and lots of laughs were had. Jenny and I had our first night away from our little ones and it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. But we were exhausted and couldn't make it as long as some of the others could.
We started with a wine tour to a couple wineries.

Then we headed to the amazing Alamo Springs Cafe... If you are ever in Fredericksburg, check this place out. Best hamburgers EVER!

Went to a few more wineries.

Then went to dinner and out to Hondo's.

We ended the night with a lingerie party. (no pictures... sorry)

I left the next morning early because I had a 5 hour drive. But it was a great weekend and loved celebrating my girl Ashley... wedding is in less than 15 days!!

Girl's weekend
My girls from college came to visit! Well one of them lives about 5 minutes from me but the other two live in Dallas. It was great to see them!

Seth's dedication
That same Sunday, we dedicated Seth at our church. It was a great morning and all his family was there (and some friends) to celebrate and hold Paul and I accountable. 

This is when the spit-up incident occurred where Seth spit-up on the stage behind me!

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