Have yourself a merry little Christmas

This Christmas was much different than the years past... we had our little boy with us! I know he probably will never remember any of this but it was a fun experience to make memories for his first Christmas. I probably should have taken more pictures than I did but I had my hands full!

You can't see it but her shirt says "Who needs Santa when you have Grandma". She doesn't want to be called Grandma but this is her first grandchild so she was so excited to have the shirt!

Christmas Eve we spent with my mom and her side of the family. We go the Christmas Eve service at church and then have dinner at my parent's. Paul was in the Christmas Eve service this year with the band so he was at both services and made it just in time for dinner. Seth slept through the entire present opening. Next year will definitely be different and I am sure he won't sit down much haha!

That evening we set out his gifts and got everything ready for our busy Christmas day.

We woke up Christmas morning, feed Seth and then opened gifts! We started a tradition this year where each person has three wrapped gifts that represent Gold, Frankincense, Myrhh. A better explanation from my friend Emily can be found here.
Gold - floor mirror for tummy time
Frankincense - two Baylor books
Myrrh - a toy to crawl after

Gold - Kendra Scott earrings
Frankincense - a DVD
Myrrh - a Oragami Owl necklace

Gold - a portable kettlebell
Frankincense - a DVD
Myrrh - a new wallet

by far his favorite gift!

Seth and mommy on his first Christmas!
(excuse the no make-up picture)

Cali wanted to join in on the fun.

After our present opening, we headed to Paul's side of the family (in our pajamas) to have breakfast with them.

Then we headed to my parent's (still in our pjs!) to have a late lunch with them.

my day was proud of this delicious meal!

my little sleepy head

my dad got a Ghillie Suit for hunting and was "hiding"

We had a great Christmas and loved being with family and experiencing Seth's first Christmas. Can't wait to document all his Christmases as a family. 

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