4 months

4 months - 1/25/14

17 pounds, 4 ounces
25 inches (I believe they may have measured him wrong at the doctor and was only 24.5 inches)

booger nugget, little man, buddy, stinker, big boy

Our little man is doing great with sleep. He usually sleeps from 8:30 to 7 at night. Throughout the month the times at night continued to get longer until we got to this time. He takes 4 naps 1 to 1.5 hour naps throughout the day. Between his last two feedings he usually doesn't take a nap unless he is really sleepy before we are ready for bath time. And then he will get a catnap. We are planning on changing his to 5 eat, play, sleep cycles so then that will cut his naps down to 3 and hopefully that will help his nighttime sleep. My goal is either 7:30 to 7:30 or 8 to 8. 

Our little guy has 6 eat, play, sleep cycles throughout the day so he gets 6 feedings. At those feedings he gets about 6 ounces of formula. Most of the time he eats it all but some days he isn't as hungry and doesn't finish all 6. He has started to get really distracted during feedings which is funny sometimes but then frustrating when we can't get him to finish.

Through this last month we have been really working on trying to get his reflux/spit up under control so we tried different formulas but the one that we are going to stick with is Similac for Spit-Up. We are also giving him Prevacid and going to the chiropractor. Apparently, this makes me a trendy mom but I really think it helps. And he loves it! They do exercises and stretches that help with the reflux and should strengthen his body. Moms, I would really seriously think about getting your baby some adjustments... think about how cramped they were in your belly for 9 months. He absolutely loves going!

We are going to the doctor Monday and I have a feeling they are going to talk to us about starting solids. We are working on eating dinner with him at the table so he can get used to watching us eat and maybe get more interested in real food. Not quite sure when we will start solids though.

He is in 3-6 month clothing mostly, some 6 month. He is just long in the body so some brands are just too short in that area. We moved him to size 2 diapers and they fit him great. We are still using Pampers both Swaddlers and Swaddlers Sensitive.

Wow has he grown this month. He talks so much and his range has definitely grown. He squeals all the time.  

He also laughs much more often now, which is so fun to hear!

He has started to grab things much easier and is starting to reach for them. 

He loves standing and is pretty close to sitting up with the help of his arms. He has a long way to go before sitting himself up but he loves seeing the world that way. 

I love my little boy and each day is much harder than the last when I head to work. I don't know how working moms do it, but I am not meant to be one of those. This past week we had a holiday and then one day school was closed due to the weather and those two days were the best days of the week for me. I loved being at home with him, playing with him, talking to him, cuddling. I got so much done at home and was able to edit more pictures for my photography business. It still is so tiring but not as bad as the days have been when I go to school.

Hubby is so good with our little guy. He loves his daddy so much and loves to hear him walk in the door. They are already little buddies and it makes me happy. Little Man already knows daddy is here to play. Daddy loves the weekends when he can spend so much more time with Little Man and he misses him while at work. 

going backwards in his "car"

his zebra


patty cake

bath time

sitting in his high chair

getting clothes put on

first night away from mom :(

New Year's Day

Baby Dedication at church

dinner with friends

weekend with the girls

stinky diaper changes!


As soon as I found out I was pregnant last year, I began to do a lot of research. The night I found out, I couldn't sleep well because I was so excited I just laid in my bed researching on my phone.

Throughout the next few weeks, especially after I announced our pregnancy, I caught myself comparing myself to other pregnant women both home friends and blog friends. I wasn't meaning to compare, I was meaning to get opinions and see if these women were experiencing the same symptoms, emotions, pains, etc. But I ended up comparing and over-thinking.

a little over halfway through my pregnancy

As women we tend to do that to ourselves and although we try not to, it is hard not say "that women's baby bump is smaller than mine, am I eating too much?" or "I am experiencing this type of pain and she isn't, is my baby going to be okay?". Sometimes it is hard not to sit back and just enjoying the moment because we are over analyzing things.

We need to take a step back.

This went on throughout my pregnancy especially at the end. I was pregnant at the same time as my best friend and many other bloggers friends and it was fun to see when everyone ended up having their babies. My best friend had her little girl an exact month before I had my little one. And Wifessionals had her little girl the same day! And there were many others I followed and friends from home that had their babies around the same time. So comparisons can be fun and exciting. I loved having a group of mothers who were going through the same things I was and were honest and open about it. As women, we need to hear the raw, difficult side of things sometimes because our expectations can be broken otherwise when things don't go the way we thought.

But after becoming a mother, the comparisons continued. Since I was new at being a mom, I got a lot of advice. And when you get advice from other people it is hard not to think that maybe you aren't doing something right or your baby is not developing correctly.

Or sometimes you even compare yourself to other moms and the way they lost all their baby weight (or at least it seems like it) almost immediately. For me, this is a bad one because I tend to be hard on myself and my body. 

Comparisons can be good as long as they don't make you look down on yourself.

Stepping back, I realized I just needed to enjoy this time and not over think things. I listened to my friends about their babies and we bounced ideas off each other but it wasn't in a negative, comparative way. We just enjoyed telling each other about our babies. I read blogs without comparing the development or weights to our little boy. Instead, I read and asked moms with older babies questions. 

I know comparisons will occur in my life but I have come to realize that no matter what I learn my baby is unique, I am unique, and we are both God's own unique creation and no one is the exact same. Throughout these last four months of being a mother, I have learned to listen to everyone's advice, but know that it might not work for me or my little guy. I have learned instead to ask questions and get opinions. Then I think about what is best for my baby.

(I am not writing this post for pity, to make you feel like I was comparing myself to you, or to hint that something is wrong with my little one, I just had something on my heart and I wanted to share. My baby is healthy, happy, and developing great! His mom and dad are happy and content, although slightly tired. Bloggers, please continue to share because it is helpful to know other mothers who are going through the same things.)

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

This Christmas was much different than the years past... we had our little boy with us! I know he probably will never remember any of this but it was a fun experience to make memories for his first Christmas. I probably should have taken more pictures than I did but I had my hands full!

You can't see it but her shirt says "Who needs Santa when you have Grandma". She doesn't want to be called Grandma but this is her first grandchild so she was so excited to have the shirt!

Christmas Eve we spent with my mom and her side of the family. We go the Christmas Eve service at church and then have dinner at my parent's. Paul was in the Christmas Eve service this year with the band so he was at both services and made it just in time for dinner. Seth slept through the entire present opening. Next year will definitely be different and I am sure he won't sit down much haha!

That evening we set out his gifts and got everything ready for our busy Christmas day.

We woke up Christmas morning, feed Seth and then opened gifts! We started a tradition this year where each person has three wrapped gifts that represent Gold, Frankincense, Myrhh. A better explanation from my friend Emily can be found here.
Gold - floor mirror for tummy time
Frankincense - two Baylor books
Myrrh - a toy to crawl after

Gold - Kendra Scott earrings
Frankincense - a DVD
Myrrh - a Oragami Owl necklace

Gold - a portable kettlebell
Frankincense - a DVD
Myrrh - a new wallet

by far his favorite gift!

Seth and mommy on his first Christmas!
(excuse the no make-up picture)

Cali wanted to join in on the fun.

After our present opening, we headed to Paul's side of the family (in our pajamas) to have breakfast with them.

Then we headed to my parent's (still in our pjs!) to have a late lunch with them.

my day was proud of this delicious meal!

my little sleepy head

my dad got a Ghillie Suit for hunting and was "hiding"

We had a great Christmas and loved being with family and experiencing Seth's first Christmas. Can't wait to document all his Christmases as a family. 

yes, I am still in the photography business

But yes I have taken a step back. Since having Seth I have decided to just do photography a little bit when family and friends need me. I also am not going to have a website or have a printing company print my photos. I am going to charge one price which includes the session, editing, and then either a CD or the files on Dropbox. This is a much easier process than I've done in the past.

So... I have decided to have a blog for my photography to keep that separate. Please go here to see all my posts about my sessions.

Christmas bucket list

I feel like we were able to get a lot more done during this break than I thought we would and I am glad we made some memories for Seth's first Christmas.

Our Christmas Bucket List
Seth's first time to see Santa

drive around to see Christmas lights
put up Christmas tree

read the Christmas story as a family
read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
start new traditions as a family
decorate for Christmas

send out Christmas cards

Make Christmas cookies and leave them out for Santa
Make (bought) a Christmas wreath

Can't wait until next Christmas... something tells me Seth will be a little more into it!