2014 family pictures

Back in October my family took our family pictures. I waited to post them because we gave some of them out as Christmas gifts. Sooooo here they are! Thanks Julie Johnson for the photos!

Book Review: The Storyteller

The Storyteller
by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. She publishes a new book every year and I have read pretty much all of her books. While I was teaching, I got behind a little bit but now I am catching up. I decided to start with "The Storyteller". 

A young women is an excellent baker who has gone through a horrible accident and has to deal with a great loss. She befriends an elderly man who asks an impossible favor from her. Throughout the book, she debates what to do and how to handle the favor he has asked of her. 

It is an emotional and historical novel that you can't put down. Reading about the Nazi invasion from both points of view was definitely hard to put down as well as emotional. Picoult delivers such a great novel once again and like always, you never know what character you want to side with. I definitely recommend reading this one!

Christmas PJ Party!

There is so much fun things going on around Christmas and dressing our little one up in cute Christmas-y clothes is so fun. But the cutest is Christmas PJs!! I love seeing out little boy ready for bed in Christmas jammies... cutest thing ever!

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crafting time

Since not teaching anymore, I have kept myself pretty busy on those rainy days Baby Boy and I couldn't get out of the house. Before the Christmas portrait season started up, I kept myself busy with all sorts of crafts.

Our little boy's birthday party crafts:

A birthday gift:

New home decor:

The lights are hung, the ornaments are up...

Every year I am surprised at how fast the Christmas season sneaks up on me. I am one of those people who refuse to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. But I want my decorations to be up as much as possible so I rush myself to get the decor up the first week of December. I am a photographer and get really busy with family sessions around this time of year and this year was much busier than in the past. I am very thankful for the business but I didn't think I would have everything up as quick as I did this year. But I am late on getting my post up displaying it haha!

dining room


breakfast area

living room


Christmas tree and Santa's cookie

Baby boy's room

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2014 Christmas Card

Today I wanted to share the Christmas card we sent out. Early in October we took family pictures and I wanted to change from our normal one picture card that we normally send our and went with a three picture card. Our photographer did a great job and I loved how they turned out. I will post more about those later. 

I took these pictures after I had already put them in my Christmas Card scrapbook, so excuse the paper around the card.

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