Deck the halls...

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! I love decorating my home for the season.

added a sign

But over the years I have accumulated a lot of stuff and this year, with having a little one at home, I realized I wanted to tone it down a bit. I just want to stop just putting things all over the house in random locations.

I don't want it to seen thrown together but rather like thought and time was put behind it. Instead I would like to really decorate... like with vignettes and things of that nature. 

So I am getting rid of a bunch of decorations and beginning new with a more natural, rustic look! I started this transition last year, a bit, but this year things are really are coming together.

My favorite part of this change is the simplicity of the decorations. It looks put together and well-designed.

When Pottery Barn has their big sale after Christmas, I am hitting that up for sure!

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