2 months

2 months - 11/25/13

Growth: weight - 12 pounds, 6.5 ounces (68%), length - 23 inches (54%)

Nicknames: little buddy, little stinker, booger nugget, chunky monkey, handsome

Sleep: It is getting better, every once and a while we have a rough day or night but he is slowly but surely he is putting himself on some what of a schedule. What worked for us to start getting on a feeding/napping schedule is to get up at a certain time of day (for us, between 7 and 7:30) that way we can start his bedtime schedule at a certain time. We usually do a bath, feeding, then straight to bed. He is still sleeping in our room at night but Seth is napping in his crib. And once that gets going smoothly we will transition him to his crib at night. We tried that one night but it didn't quite go so well.

Eating: He is eating pretty normally at every 3 hours and is taking almost 6 ounces at each feeding. He is really starting to chunk up.

Oh I don't think I posted this yet... Seth was really fussy a lot and nothing would quite him (around 3 and 4 weeks old) so we finally decided to try and bottle feed him a lot of my saved breast milk for a day and he was much better. We realized I wasn't producing enough to satisfy him so we started supplementing with formula. Within in a 6 day span he gained 11 ounces. He was just hungry, poor guy. For two weeks I would pump before each feeding and then give him what breast milk I could and then finished him off with formula. I did that until he was about 6 weeks old and now I try to pump at least 2-3 times a day because I want to continue giving him as much breast milk as possible. Once I go to work, I plan on pumping before work and when I get home.

Clothing/Diapers: Seth has officially moved to 3-month clothing. He is still able to wear 0-3 month clothing but that is hard to come by and I can only find it at Baby Gap. The 3 month clothing is sometimes a little long in his legs and arms but they fit his body great. It was so sad to pack up his newborn clothing, I feel like he barely wore them and that stage went so fast.

He is size 1 diapers and we are still using Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive. We tested a few other diapers and we still like those the best.

Development: He smiled his first social smile (not just because of gas or dreams!) on November 5th. I was reading a nursery rhyme book to him and he started really smiling. Each day he smiled more and more. He giggled on November 17th right after being fed. It was a funny sound but I believe it was a giggle. Can't wait to hear more of those!

horrible picture but this is the day he first smiled

He locks his eyes on things and intently watches them especially me or Paul. He also stated cooing and "talking" to us. He is a talker! 

We are working on reaching things and spend our days reading books, playing on his play mat, or tummy time on the boppy. We are going to start practicing rolling over or at least the motion of it and reaching and grabbing toy.

Mommy: Feeling much better and getting around easier. I was cleared to go back to all normal activity... still haven't worked out much though. Trying to get in a workout with a newborn is very difficult but I will get there. So that being said, I haven't lost much more weight but I have started working on eating better so even though I haven't worked out much hopefully the weight will continue to come off. 

I love being a mom and I love being home with my baby, I am not excited about the fact that I go back to work on December 2nd. I just have to keep telling myself that I only have three weeks then I am off for two for Christmas. I am just having so much anxiety about going back to work and not being with Seth. My mom is going to be watching him so that helps the anxiety but I am sad to miss out on all the fun stuff he is beginning to do. He smiles so much and is starting to giggle... I don't want to miss out on all those changes. Also, with Thanksgiving being late and Christmas coming so fast, I want to be able to do all the fun Christmas stuff with him without being stressed to get it done. We will see how those first three weeks go :(

Daddy: Paul is still doing so well with him. He watched him by himself for an entire day while I was with a friend getting ready for her wedding. They had a good day and he got Seth washed and all dressed up for the wedding on his own... I don't even think I could do that. Seth loves his daddy and knows exactly who he is. Although I am not breastfeeding, I still do the one nighttime feeding but at least once a week Paul takes one of those feedings for me so I can get a little more rest. He is the best husband and father!

His swing
Mobiles on his swing and playmat
Being carried in the baby carriers
Being read to and sung to
Being swaddled

Changing clothes
Having his hair washed

Visit to a pumpkin patch

First Halloween

Trip to Marquez

Meeting Madison June

and Avery Claire... No pics :(

Meeting my besties from college

First wedding

Golfing with daddy

Last Wacky Pack shower of 2013

A few weeks ago my mom and her friends, the Wacky Pack, held a shower for Taylor. Taylor is getting married today so I thought maybe it was time to actually post the pictures from her shower. It was a beautiful day and the shower was classic and simple.

Taylor with her hosts

Taylor, her mom, sister in law, and sister

Taylor and her sister

Can't believe that this shower was the last of the many Wacky Pack showers for the year! Can't wait to have more!!


Ashley's shower

My friend Ashley is getting married in February of next year and me, my mom, my best friend Jenny, and her mom threw Ashley her first shower!! Ashley had a great time and was so happy about this shower.

Ashley with her hosts

her fiance stopped by at the end

Ash with some of her bridesmaids

Congrats Ash! Can't wait for more festivities.

My little boy

At 10 days old I attempted to take newborn portraits of Seth. Here is what I got (I didn't edit these... so might have some bad lighting). 

Well I wasn't happy with what I was getting so I called a friend who is a photographer to see if she could take some of him. She came a few days later and took some great photos of Seth and our little family!!